For World Radio Day in Ecuador: "Dialogue, tolerance and peace" / Por el Día Mundial de la Radio en Ecuador: "Diálogo, tolerancia y paz"

What would happen if everyone had access to the right to communicate and express their opinion through radio?

Interview with Saadia Sanchez Vegas, Director of the UNESCO Office in Quito and Representative for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, on the radio program "Let's talk about ...", led by the journalist Mariquita Noboa de Bonilla, through the multimedia platform MAX-TV. The Director of UNESCO Quito will talk about the background of World Radio Day, the importance of global and international days for raising awareness and calling attention to specific and relevant issues for sustainable development, the central role of radio in the creation of local contents and the opening of participation spaces linked to the reality of the communities, and the opportunity of using radio as a vector of dialogue for conflict management and sustainable peace, among other topics.

  • UNESCO field office

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