World Radio Day 2019 - Ghana

Farm Radio International (FRI) joins the international community to celebrate World Radio Day on February 13th, 2019. In view of this, FRI in collaboration with UNESCO is organizing a forum to bring together stakeholders from various sectors that play key roles in radio communication.

Every year World Radio Day is held on the 13th day of February as a tribute to the establishment of the United Nations Radio in 1946. The day wishes to celebrate how radio has and continues to shape our lives. The invention provides a perfect medium to establish a necessary counter ignorance and violence by providing debate and dialogue regarding a wide array of topics. The platform allows a large population to understand the issues which their community, country, and world faces every day. Additionally, the diversity in voices and points of view which an individual can hear through the radio aids in providing a well rounded idea of how they may tackle these issues.

On February 13th, FRI, in collaboration with UNESCO, seeks to bring together media partners, academics, NGOs, the general public and much more to discuss, learn and share experiences on Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace. We look forward to having sharing this day with you in Tamale.

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