Language and (peaceful) Communication - a radio broadcast 13th Feb 11.00 am

Listen to radio broadcast 'Language and Communication'
Trainees on air: Words, voices, phrases & Co ... - Is there a causal relationship between language and peace?

The radio broadcast LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION was a participative module of the audio project "SAG'S VIELEN ... VIELEN. DIE AHNUNGEN DER BERTHA VON S." ("TELL IT TO MANY ... MANY [PEOPLE]. THE PRESENTIMENTS OF BERTHA VON S."). Based on the life and work of the Czech-Austrian Nobel Peace Prize winner Bertha von Suttner, persons from different communities and areas of life were invited to search for tools that promote peaceful communication. In addition, more than 60 trainees took part in this project. They came from four vocational schools in Vienna (teaching professions: hairdressers, trade assistants, administration secretaries, clerks). They had the opportunity to create this radio broadcast LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION step by step. For the first time and in its full length of 30 minutes it will go on air on the occasion of the World Radio Day on 13th of February 2019, 11.00 am, at Radio Orange 94.0, the community radio station in Vienna. The serial programm is called "Wiener Radiobande".
In their broadcast, the trainees discussed linguistic usage, habitual language use and discriminatory phrases. They created several audio scenes with exemplary situations from every day life of young people, between 17-20 years of age. In their audio pieces, they tried to look into the interplay between language and peace. They focussed on "hidden" intentions in communication (e.g. destructiveness, constructiveness, manipulation, authoritarian behavior) as well as on obvious intentions as insult and discrimination.
If you are interested to get in touch with the project authors (team "gecko art") for further information or participation, you can meet them on 13th of February 2019 at 11.00 am at the Radio Orange 94.0 studio, Klosterneuburger Straße 1, 1200 Vienna, Austria. Please, send a mail in advance. In 2018, the project was performed in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria and Basis.Kultur.Wien. Parts of the audio project will be continued in 2019.

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