FAO's Podcast "Target Zero Hunger"

UNESCO is pleased to share information on Podcast Target Zero Hunger, an initiative from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).



Target: Zero Hunger is a podcast about global food security. Among the great challenges the world faces is how to ensure that a growing global population - projected to rise to around 10 billion by 2050 – has enough quality food to meet their nutritional needs for a healthy life. With the latest research and the help of farmers, development experts and decision-makers around the world, this podcast explores the world’s food challenges and their possible solutions as a means to building a sustainable and peaceful future. Podcast TZH is available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher.

For example, TZH 36 explores the increasingly difficultly in providing the world's growing population with food, particularly when it comes to the livestock sector. Podcast host Charlotta Lomas and Henning Steinfield, Chief of Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy Branch, at the FAO discuss the possibility for the livestock sector to actually be part of a solution to global warming.


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For more information on this initiative, please contact Charlotta Lomas (charlotta.lomas@fao.org).