National Conference of Community Radio; Community Radio for Promoting Equality and Good Governance

Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (ACORAB) has been regularly organizing national conference of community radios since 2013. The national conferences are the platform to discuss and share the ideas, innovation, issues and problems of community radios. On the Occasion of World Radio day 2019, ACORAB Nepal is going to organize National Conference of Community Radio on 13-15 February 2019. The main theme of this conference will be Community Radio for Promoting Equality and Good Governance has been selected as a principle issues for interaction and discussion. This conference will inspire participants to shift the communication and broadcasting message priority from political agenda to social, economic and technological development aspects. The best practices on social changes carried out by the media and community radios will be shared. New approaches and ideas will be explored and discussed to reshape the community broadcasting priority in future. All the participants of the conference will be discussed for effective communication for sustainable social change and incorporation of the messages in community radio contents. The participants will understand and internalize, how the community radio contents can bring the positive impacts on the daily life of the people as well as local government planning process if the messages were properly delivered. 


Approximately 350 participants from all of the community radio stations are expected to participated in the conference. The participants will either chair person or station manager of the community radios from entire the country. Similarly, policy makers, representatives of CSO networks, local government representatives, academics, development partners, and other concerned stakeholders from media and community media sector will also participate in the conference. The national conference will organize for three days. For the initial two days’ different thematic conference, interaction and workshop will be held and the last day is allocated for the general assembly of ACORAB to discuss different issues and problem and to pave the way for sustaining community radios and community radio movement in Nepal. 

The proposed format of each of the workshop and interaction is key note speech, presentation and plenary presentation followed by questions, suggestions and feedback. Similarly, there will be exhibition of different social and knowledge product, innovation and achievements on different campaign, movement and project. different stall will be placed on different.

In addition to the main theme, the following themes (but not limited) are included for the discussion.

- Federal structure, Community radio Policy and partnership
- World Radio Day: Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace
- Community Radio, Opportunity, Challenges, Road Forward
- Community Radios against traditional Harmful Practice and culture (Child Marriage and other harmful practices)
- Coordination and Collaboration between Community Radios and Community Based Organizations
- Sustainability of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in Nepal: Issues, challenges, way forward and role of media.
- Localization of Sustainable Development Goals
- Community radio for Women, Indigenous and Marginalized people 
- Increased inequality in Nepal and role of Community Radio
- Youth Entrepreneurship and Role of community



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