World Radio Day Event 2019-kebili Celebrations

World Radio Conference



This concept note sets outs plans for a major conference on community media in Tunisia. The conference is designed to increase recognition and sustainability of community radios in Tunisia and the digitalization of community media . The conference particularly aims to highlight women’s participation in the media and opportunities in community media to increase representation of women and of marginalized communities. The conference also address the self regulation of the community media sector and social impact.

The event, to be held in Kebili, 15-16 February 2019, is organized by Radio Nefzawa in partnership with Haute autorité indépendante de la communication audiovisuelle (HAICA) and Community Media Solutions with co-financing from the European Union.

Context and rationale

Changes in the political environment in 2011 has been accompanied by change in the media landscape. Among the gains in freedom of expression and public voice has been the emergence of independent media projects led by civil society organisations - community media - including new community radio stations online and broadcast. Established by Decree 2011-116 the Haute Autorité Indépendante de la Communication Audiovisuelle (HAICA), the first independent media regulator in the Arab world, has developed a pioneering framework to regulate community radio and has issued broadcast licences to ten stations since 2014. These community radios provide a platform for dialogue and a voice for young people and disadvantaged communities particularly in the interior of the country. They also face significant challenges including skills, capacity, sustainability and regulatory issues.


Radio Nefzawa - one of ten radios licensed by HAICA in 2014- has 71% listenership in Kebili governorate according to a recent study. The radio is run by Association of Media and Youth in Kebili and has around 30 workers between staff and volunteers.


Radio Nefzawa has organized six previous public events under the theme of the relation between youth, community and media including organizing a World Radio Day celebration in 2018 under the theme “Role of youth and community media in Tunisia audio visual sector”.

Radio Nefzawa would highlight the role of community radios, youth led radios and its relation with public and private media.


Objectives of the conference 


This conference will contribute to a pluralist, independent and democratic media environment by strengthening the network of community broadcasters and the recognition of the sector. Specific outcomes expected include:

      Addressing the policy, legal and regulatory framework concerning community broadcasting and sustainability.

      Highlight women’s participation in the media and opportunities in community media to increase representation of women and of marginalized communities

      Self regulation of the community media sector and social impact and strengthening the network of the community broadcasters in Tunisia.

      Increase awareness and understanding of good and innovative practices in community media in the impact of digitalization on community broadcasters.



The conference is open for all community broadcasters, youth houses radios, civil society organizations, online radios, media development organizations, private and public media and general public of Kebili.

The conference aims to cover 100 participants from outside Kebili including 10 participants from community radios in Africa, Europe and MENA region in addition to 40 participants from Kebili.

There will be an open call for applications to participate in the conference and selected participants will be encouraged to suggest a workshop to present during the conference days.



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