Kafa Radyo
We chose the radio opening day: 13 February as the World Radio Day. We have always given messages of dialogue and peace in our publications. We always talk about empathy and tolerance. Our radio is called Kafa Radio (in Turkey). We are excited to be opening Kafa Radyo on World Radio Day, which is declared by UNESCO.



Kafa Radio was founded by a team of experienced professionals who have worked in radio sector for 25 years.

Kafa Radio is a national 'talk' radio station that produces radio broadcasts in recent years when radios are transformed into music boxes. 

Turkey in 54 centers (cities) in the head terrestrial broadcasting Radio, broadcast on Turksat satellite and digital radio platform to reach a large audience with broadcasts made through radyoland.com


The Kafa (head) of Turkey radio!

Kafa Radio

41.0879246, 29.1012608