Good neighbors or constant anxiety - migration policy pros and cons

Radio1- Moscow Region. World Radio Day
Migration policy - pros and cons

Friendship is the key to migration issues


Experts discussed migration problems in Russia on “Radio 1” (Moscow region) 


There are problems in migrants adaptation in Russia, but the more of the issues are solving in a positive way.


Vladimir Volokh, deputy director of Migration and Transnational Affairs Institute:

“The migrants come to Russia not just for earning money but for education and good career. Russian government is working on Migration conception 2019-2025. I hope, the document will make it easier for migrants to registrate and get documents”.


Efrosinia Gyshtemulte, the leader of Migrant women union in Moscow region:

“The only way to solve all the migrant problems is the cooperation between the authorities and public organizations, national communities. The Moscow region government always helps our communities”


Ann Tuzhilkina, the chairperson of cultural autonomy ‘Belarusians of Moscow’:

“Belarusians have less difficulties in Russia because of Union State of Russia and Belarus. But we support our compatriots if its needed. We should live in peace and friendship”

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