Science Park Guglielmo Marconi Santa Marinella (Rome) ITALY
REBUILD of TOWER CHIARUCCIA and the MARCONI RADIO STATION destroyed in WWII at Santa Marinella (Rome) Italy the town where Guglielmo Marconi first in the world experimented microwaves applied to Mobile Phones, RADAR & TV under the Patronage of Princess Elettra Marconi

The "SCIENCE PARK GUGLIELMO MARCONI" in Santa Marinella is located in the area where Guglielmo Marconi from 1932 to 1937 first in the world made experimens with microwaves. At every stage, the British parent company was kept informed of these experiments. During WWII 1944 the Chiaruccia Tower, the Marconi Labs and Radio Stations were bombed and destroyed. Now the Mayor of the Town of Santa Marinella for the UNESCO World Radio Day 2019 will present the project to rebuild the Marconi Radio Station and the tower and on each stone they will engrave the name and call sign of each radioamateurs who will help to rebuild the tower.

I shall arise from my enmarbled sleep

and from my peak I will let you hear

the voice of Marconi again

torre chiaruccia

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