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Mesa Redonda. ¿Hay futuro para la Radio en el Siglo XXI?

Dentro de las actividades de celebración del 10º aniversario de la Escuela de Radio TEA FM y coincidiendo con el Día Mundial de la Radio, convocamos esta Mesa Redonda para hablar de forma abierta sobre el futuro del medio invitando a todo el mundo a enviar un mensaje de audio vía Whatsapp para aportar su opinión.

Programa Especial

En esta emisión especial, los titulares de las cuatro emisoras educativas de la región reflexionamos juntos acerca de la contribución de las radios a una mejor convivencia.

Journée mondiale de la radio

Les programmes et l'antenne de le radio associative RPO97fm seront entièrement consacrés à cette journée sur les thèmes de « Dialogue, tolérance et paix ».

Sudan Celebration of World Radio Day on 13 February 2019

UNESCO Khartoum is going to outline the positive impact of radio, demonstrated through the Community Radio Service project which helped develop rural communities and spread awareness about important issues facing them, in collaboration with UNESCO partners.

World Radio Day

Join the annual amateur radio marathon on short wave - 13 feb WRD in Grimeton.

Strengthen Resilience to Violent Extremism through Community Radio in Bangladesh

Youth and Youth women in Bangladesh hate violent extremism – we must teach them peace. Violent extremists promote fear and division – we must respond with opportunities for citizen’s engagement, with skills for intercultural dialogue. Violent extremists preach exclusion and hatred – we must teach human rights, dignity, tolerance and solidarity. Violent extremists breed on mistrust and fears of others, on a lack of confidence in the future. We must provide Youth and Youth women with a renewed sense of belonging to our society with a new vision of the future.

Bangladesh Going to Observe 8th UN World Radio Day 2019

The community protected and even encouraged the radio broadcasters to organize motivational events in more areas and they willingly extended support for organizing outreach events, and also pursued for a similar program in the future. For example- college teachers (female) shared her learning with her students in a college classroom after completion of her academic classes

¿Para qué sirve la radio?

La radio está hecha de tiempo, pero también de información, de sensaciones, de música y de algo invisible.