Listeners' Forum and Listeners' Clubs

Listeners' Forum and Clubs

In this section, we highlight how listener clubs enhance the experience of radio. 

On World Radio Day, if you don't have a listener club, we encourage you to hold a listener forum to provide feedback, make complaints and identify issues of local concern that may not be receiving adequate coverage from your community radio station.


During your forum, float the idea of an ongoing listeners' club and what it would look like.


1. Farm Radio International



This year, UNESCO is sharing some innovative initiatives from Farm Radio International, an international non-governmental organisation that assists African broadcasters to produce high-quality radio programs that strengthen rural communities.

Watch the video above, and click here to find out about Farm Radio International's listener groups and how they enhance rural communities in Africa.


2.Rice for Radio - In the Democratic Republic of Congo, radio stations explore creative funding models


UNESCO is inspired by the work of Internews in the DRC who have found innovative ways for community radio stations to find sustainable funding solutions.

Learn more about Rice for Radio here.




zambia3. Lifeline Energy, Zambia: Lead farmer Mabel Zulu is a listening group leader, who uses a Lifeline Prime solar and wind-up radio in Dingeni Village in our Eastern Province not far from Malawi. Mabel said, “For a long time ignorance levels in women were high in Zambia.  We were considered as last decision makers in almost everything.  Most of the women were regarded as house-keepers, not decision makers. We were only allowed to do specific jobs, but didn’t make money.  Already there was information on radio, but women had no money to buy batteries to hear it.”

Find out more here.