Georgian Public Broadcaster, Radio and Sports - Brings Us Together

It’s very important that this year World Radio Day coincides with the Olympic Games, which will be held from 9 to 25 February. The above mentioned will give us the possibility to celebrate the World Radio Day even more interesting.

Radio and Sports - Brings Us Together

Planned Activities in the "Radio 1st Channel"

  1. On February 13, the programs will be prepared where we will discuss what is the role of the Radio and Sport in the society, the topics of "Woman and Sports" and "Radio and Sports for Peace" will be integrated in the program.  
  2. Video clips will be prepared where the sports radio journalists and sportsmen will talk about the role of the Radio and sports in the lives of society.
  3. Radio 1st Channel will unite all the sports journalists of Georgia – the radio bridge will be organized, also the journalists who are currently at the Olympic Games will be involved in the radio bridge. 
  4. Radio 1st Channel will prepare video clips, where we will use the materials of Radio Sports commentators’ emotional reports (Sports moments from the history).


TV Activities

Video clips; Story about World Radio Day in the news program of 1st channel; The topics of the World Radio Day will be discussed in the central program dedicated to the Olympic Games. 

Social Media

We will make an interesting auto portrait about sports woman - journalist of Radio 1st Channel, also the second social story will be prepared about women in sports.

War and sports - A story about the war veteran, Archer – Goderdzi Zakaraia.

Thematic banners and the video clips will be used in the social media.

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