Here you will find free resources to download and share on or around World Radio Day, 13 February 2018.  Many more resources will be coming soon!

    EBU Storyboard

    Our partner, EBU, is offering access to its new audio slideshow tool which gives broadcasters an easy method of sharing audio clips on social media. If your radio station and producers are interested, we invite you to send your request for access by sending an email to the following address:

    WRD elements can be downloaded here



    World Radio Day 2018 Hero Images

    Please find the official World Radio Day 2018 hero images to download and use for promotion of WRD. 

    Tennis Player


    Twitter and Facebook Banners

    Help promote WRD 2018 with custom designed Twitter and Facebook Banners!


    Traditional Sports



    Download the 2018 World Radio Day logo for your website or posters

    Download official logos for World Radio Day 2018. Feel free to use these on your website and link to the website.


    World Radio Day Jingle!

    Use the World Radio Day jingle, or create your own, to advertise that the next segment on your radio station is about World Radio Day.   

    World Radio Day 2018 Social Media cards

    Download and use our social media WRD 2018 theme cards.


    Infographic World Radio Day 2018


     Here is the World Radio Day Infographic. Click to download !





    World Radio Day Profile Pictures

    Download UNESCO's World Radio Day 2018 Profile Pictures.  Use it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Use the hashtag #WorldRadioDay

    en1  en2  en3

    DOWNLOAD all World Radio Day interviews here.

    DOWNLOAD all World Radio Day interviews here. 

    Here's How

    1. Click on the track
    2. Click on the "More" button beneath the waveform
    3. Click on  DOWNLOAD
    4. Broadcast on-air to your audience



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    Her Moments Matter Package


    Download UNESCO's series of engaging spots, denouncing the differences in media coverage between women and men athletes, and broadcast them on-air to engage your audience around this important issue.

    Inspired by a variety of real life sporting moments, and produced by creative agency BETC, the spots draw attention to the widespread stereotypes, as well as the lack of credit and recognition to which many women athletes are subject.

    Download the rights-free English Radio Package here, including:

    - My Diary: 3 spots + visuals 

    - 1 Sport / 2 Stories: 3 spots + visuals 


    Jingle - Video