World Radio Day Special Station - AT8IRF

Join the celebrations with ARCCS - VU2GIN - for Radio Sports!

Amateur Radio, popularly known as HAM Radio, is a scientific hobby of wireless communication. It is a radio sport of self-training, intercommunication, and investigation in worldwide radio communications by means of private two-way radio conducted by a duly authorised person without any pecuniary interest. Foxhunt or Radio Direction Finding is a popular radio sport around the world. 

ARCCS is committed to the progress of Amateur Radio in particular and Radio in general. In line with our commitment, we celebrated the World Radio Day 2018 by organising the 'Radio Expedition AT8IRF' from Kolkata to Outreach International Radio Fair 2018 at Bhubaneshwar. A four-member team drove to set up the Special Radio Station AT8IRF and an exhibition stall at the Outreach International Radio Fair 2018, a two-day event on the occasion of World Radio Day.

Professional Social Worker Mr. Mohammad Ariff, Secretary & Custodian of ARCCS was presented with the 'Best use of radio in public service' National Radio Award 2017 in the occasion.

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