Somer Valley Sports Breakfast

The Somer Valley Sports Breakfast presents 2 hours of sports inspired news, views and music. Focussing on grassroots sport and community partisipation, Luke Barnes and Ian Nockolds celebrate what the Somer Valley has to offer local people interested in sport and healthy living.

The Somer Valley Sport Breakfast is a special one-off broadcast, celebrating UNESCO's World Radio Day, by focussing on grassroots sporting activity in North East Somerset. Building on the success of the Somer Valley Sports Show, the Sports Breakfast looks at a variety of sporting clubs and recreational activities, including football, rugby, yoga, tennis and cricket. The show will feature a variety of interviews from Club representatives, community leaders and local sporting personalities. Celebrating the key themes of diversity, equality, peace and development, the Sports Breakfast showcases how radio can be used to inform the whole community about activities that can benefit their health and wellbeing, from the competitive to the recreational.

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