New Noise Audio Jingle Mingle

New Noise Audio present a special 'Jingle Mingle' on the 13th February to celebrate World Radio Day. Our talented team of musicians, singers and Producers will come together to create and produce radio jingles on the spot for UK radio stations, with a theme of sports and leisure.

New Noise Audio will be holding a special sports and leisure themed 'Jingle Mingle' on the 13th February to celebrate World Radio Day.

What's a Jingle Mingle I hear you ask? A Jingle Mingle are dedicated days where our talented team of selected musicians, singers and Producers come together to work on creative ideas for radio jingles and have some fun. We then bring those ideas to life by recording and playing live music, adding sound design, production skills and vocals to the mix - you can even follow our progress on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We'll be focusing on producing radio jingles for leisure centres, sports academy's for children and other sports related businesses to bring awareness of their services, to hopefully inspire the nation to be fitter, healthier and also bring a sense of community in their home towns and cities.

For more information or to submit a music brief for us to work on, simply contact Stacey Hollis via e-mail.

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