KOOP Celebrates World Radio Day

KOOP Radio, Austin, Texas www.koop.org 91.7 FM
Radio is the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world. Join KOOP Radio and the Community Council in celebrating World Radio Day. Tune in at 1:30 on Monday, February 13, when our guests will share their experiences using radio to build communities through sporting events. 91.7 FM or streaming online http://www.koop.org/

KOOP (pronounced koh-op) is a community radio station in Austin, TX, owned and operated by its members in a cooperative structure depending primarily upon its volunteers and supporters for all operations of the station. KOOP provides a diverse array of programming, emphasizing programs that deal with local issues and/or serve communities which are under-served by the mainstream media.

KOOP has more than 60 unique, locally-produced programs airing every week. Each of these programs is produced by an individual or by a collective of members. Any member of the community can join our organization and apply to produce a radio program — and KOOP provides the facilities and the training.

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