Giornata Mondiale della Radio 2018 (World Radio Day 2018)

Celebration of the World Radio Day - Regional Headquarters of Italian Radiotelevision Public Network (RAI)

Ore 9.30 - Visit to exhibition of Ancient Radios (permanent also after the event)

Ore 10.30 - Studio C of Italian Radiotelevision (RAI) Headquartiers conference about “Radio and sport”

10,45 first discussion table

  • ANDREA JENGO, Director of Headquarters of Italian Radiotelevision Public Network for Tuscany (RAI)
  • EUGENIO GIANI, President of Tuscany Parliament  and Representative for Florence Italian National Olimpic Committee (CONI)
  • ANDREA VANNUCCI, Town Ministry of Sport Municipality of Florence
  • VITTORIO GASPARRINI, President Centre for UNESCO Florence
  • CARLO PRIA, President of Association for Ancient Radios
  • FAUSTO CASI, Director of Media Museum Arezzo, Italy
  • SARA MEINI, Tuscany Sport Public Broadcasting News - Regional Headquarters of Public Radiotelivision

11.30 intervention of students of Machiavelli Liceum coordinated by da ANNA DOLFI, Vicepresident Centre for UNESCO of Florence, responsible for sport programmes with DEBORA MASSOTTI Centro for UNESCO of Florence
second round table ore 12.00

  • FRANCESCO TAGLIENTE, Prefect and former Chief of Police in Florence and Rome and Prefect of the Town of Pisa
  • CARMELO MANDALARI, General Secretary GS Flames Gold – IAPS
  • FABRIZIO BALDUCCI, Delegate of International Basket Federation and of National Olympic Italian Committee for the Region
  • SARA MEINI, Tuscany Sport Public Broadcasting News - Regional Headquartiers of Public Radiotelevision

Also Vice President of Centro for UNESCO of Arezzo, STEFANIA PIANTONI, and Vice Director Media Museum Arezzo, Italy, VALENTINA CASI will attend.
Durante the event short films and radio tracks will be broadcasted.
The initiative will take place during RAI PORTEAPERTE (, and the short film of presentation will be broadcasted.

  • Civil Society

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