#Fathers4Books Radio ECD Tours

With over 200 books donated to local creches in Ikhutseng Location, Warrenton South Africa. ECA will embark in organizing tours for local creches in previously disadvantaged communities; as a sub program of the# ScenesofIkhutseng Mixed Media Art Exhibition.

This initiaitive

#Fathers4Books Radio Tour, seeks to expose both the boy and girl child to the world of radio. Focusing on previously disadvantaged community creches, the tours will give the children a radio experience to see live radio broadcasting.

The will visit community radio stations in neighboring towns like Kimberley and Taung. Where they'll have the opportunity to see live radio broadcasting, and ins and out of a radio station.

This initiative is inspired by the lack of resource plaguing our community, thus embarking on ways to expose children at an early age on various opportunities.


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