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A Tale of a Little Table Tennis Dreamer

A Tale of a Little Table Tennis Dreamer

About 1955

All along the way from his home at mountain "Al-Hussein" to "Al-Shabab" table-tennis sports club in Amman's center-town, people were smiling at the young boy carrying his table-tennis racket and practicing “magical” back-hand strokes in mid-air while hurrying to arrive at the after-noon training session on time. Hour after hour, with great hope to be awarded the opportunity to play 5 minutes with his idol-champ, but also with great fear to be blamed by parents for delayed evening home-return, our boy patiently watched the club’s top team players practicing and competing over the club’s one-and-only tennis-table.  Yet, in vain, the players just finished their practices and left the place. Crushed with disappointment and frustration, the boy burst into tears but managed quickly to sneak after the players only to hear one saying:” poor boy just saw him crying because I didn’t play with him as promised”. So, probably it was some consolation for the little dreamer; at least he was “observed” and next time just might get his long-awaited training minutes.

The junior player, now at grade 10 high school, managed with team and school mate to win the Jordan Kingdom high schools table-tennis cup.


The same athlete, representing Jordan, participated with team-mate at the London-Open English table tennis mens doubles competition.


The same dreamer, now at 70 years of age, participated at the ITTF's(International Table Tennis Federation) 14th Sports Science Congress - 14th ITTFSSC 2015 -Suzhou -China, with an innovative table tennis development research paper: The MG-Ship -New 3rd Style.


Now a recognised table-tennis research scientist, our dreamer presented a " POSTER " participation at the 15th ITTFSSC 2017 - Dusseldorf - Germany.

This is the sport's life-story of a Palestinian 1948, 2- years old dreamer, refugee from Jerusalem to Jordan: Mahmoud Ghuneim.


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