JFI Radio 'LIVE' - Giving Women Around The World A Business Voice

Not only about women in sports broadcasting - but casting this net wider. JFI Radio is 'handing the mic' to women in business from around the world to celebrate their contribution and share insights with the next cadre of women entering the business marketplace ~ the Gen Z's.

Gender equality at work. Inequality of pay based on gender. Victimisation of women in the workplace.  It seems that barely a day can go by where there isn't a news report outlining inequality of behaviour, pay or worse still, abuse.  But is this what the next generation of young women entering business have to contend with?  We at JFI Radio 'LIVE' say "NO".

We're celebrating World Radio Day by 'handing the mic' to successful women from around the world who are in a position to share their expertise with others about what they've learned in business.

Every 2 hours on World Radio Day 13th February 2018, a 'LIVE' broadcast will take place from the home of JFI Radio, starting at 5am (GMT) and throughout the day on the odd hour, so 7am, 9am, 11am right up until the very last broadcast at 9pm.  We will feature our usual informal chat and world news about business training, learning and quality improvement, but for this very special broadcast day, we'll also have small learning vignettes from 26 women from each continent who want to share their particular "Pearls of Wisdom" with the next generation of young business women just entering the workplace.  More often referred to as Gen Z or iGens, this new cadre of women want something different in their working life, not a repeat of what women in business have experienced before them.  At JFI Radio 'LIVE' we're honoured to be sharing on World Radio Day valuable learning nuggets about how they can have a more powerful voice that will be heard in the workplace of the future.

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