World Radio Day Canada

In celebration of UNESCO World Radio Day on February 13
Commercial radio stations across Canada will air “You’re Not Alone With Radio” a :60 second message that tells how radio and Canadians connect, anytime, anywhere. “Today is World Radio Day. Even if you celebrate alone, you’re not.” In French Canada, "À l’occasion de cette Journée mondiale de la radio, même si vous célébrez seul, vous ne le serez pas" will be heard.

Toronto, Ontario, February 12, 2018 – 

For the first time ever, Canada will be participating in World Radio Day. It is also likely to be the first time in the world that a country - across geography, time zones, language and different ownerships groups - has ever done anything of this scale to promote how radio connects with Canadians, everywhere.


“A first for radio in Canada, and perhaps anywhere in the world, Canada’s radio owners across the country, in English and French, will simultaneously air a :60 second spot at 8:22:00 am local time with a message of how radio connects with its listeners.” Says Caroline Gianias, president of Radio Connects, the not-for-profit marketing arm of Canada’s commercial radio industry.


The :60 second spot and it’s :30 second adaptation, was chosen in a blind review of 15 submissions from creative departments and writers across Radio Connects’ membership.

“It was difficult to choose the one spot that would air from the submissions we received.  It is clear to us that Canada has amazing creative talent working in the radio industry.  What’s more, recognizing the importance of World Radio Day, ownership and partisan hats were put aside to come together and support the power of radio; a medium that reaches almost 28 million Canadians on a weekly basis.  It takes a lot to synchronize something like this and everyone has worked together and given their best efforts.”

Radio Connects | Radio Connexions is a not-for-profit trade association for the Canadian Radio Industry.  As the ADVOCATE for Canadian Radio, Radio Connects | Radio Connexions PROMOTES and MARKETS radio advertising at the agency and client levels.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Caroline Gianias at Radio Connects or email at



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