Giornata Mondiale della Radio

Giornata Mondiale della Radio
World Radio Day 2018
Radio and Sport
Formation Seminar
“Peace and development through sport information”
13th February 2018, 3.00 p.m.
Villa Bottini Noble Room, Via Elisa 9, Lucca

Moving from the vision with which UNESCO has established the theme of the 2018 edition of World Radio Day, the UNESCO Club for Lucca and Vinci, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, the Presidence of the Senate Culture Commission and the Italian Embassy in Korea, Pisa University and the support of the City of Lucca, have organized a formation seminar entitled “Peace and Development through sport information”, which will take place on the 13th of February, 2018 at 3.00 p.m., in Villa Bottini Noble Room, Via Elisa 9, Lucca.


The order of journalists from the Tuscany region recognized this seminar as a training activity for professional journalists enrolled in the order with the issue of credits.


The purpose of this meeting, which will be broadcasted live streaming and via radio, is to solicit journalists, young people and the civil society to cultivate the interest in sport initiatives at the service of peace and development, not forgetting gender equality in sport information and the promotion of traditional sports, including the inclusion in communication for Paralympic athletes.

The work will be opened by Senator Andrea MARCUCCI President of the Senate Culture Commission and member of the Assembly of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and by the Radiophonic intervention with Plenipotentiary Minister Enrico VICENTI, General Secretary of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO.

Among the authoritative speakers, an exceptional presence: the radio interview with S.E. Marco DELLA SETA Italian Ambassador to Korea who will talk about the winter Olympic games taking place in Pyeongchang county, South Korea, which are taking on great historical importance.


This interview shows how the radio is really able to easily reach many corners of our planet. Yet, despite, we are living in an era of media convergence and we are witnessing the evolution of radio services that are adopted to new forms of digital communication (broadband, smartphones, tablets); even today almost a billion people do not have access to the radio. This will be an opportunity to understand the state of information in a country divided between North and South Korea and the dialogue action carried out by the Winter Olympic Games. A big thank you goes to all the numerous partners of this initiative but above all to the media partners who are the real protagonists of this day: Radio Bruno, Radio Lucca 2000, Radio Eco of the University of Pisa.

  • UNESCO National Commission

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