World Radio Day @Rodon FM

The Praxis team together with our european exchange student friends
An action-packed time at Rodon FM and Praxis Greece celebrating World Radio Day in a multicultural way. This year's World Radio Day activities at Praxis have been as diverse as they have never been before not only including broadcasting, but also sportive actions.

Within a perdiod of eight days (from the 6th until the 13th of February 2018), the european volunteer team of MediArt / Praxis executed work in the area of dissemination of information on the themes and meaning of the World Radio Day while writing several articles on the topic in order to help rise awareness regarding this year's topics. Moreover, an extensive social marketing strategy was conducted on the Facebook Page of the Non-Governmental-Organisation of Praxis. 

In addition to that, a broadcast including talks about gender equality in Sports Broadcasting and the coverage of sports for peace and development initiatives was held on World Radio Day, 13th February 2018. Furthermore, there have been debates concerning this topics as well as discussions about wheather or not there is equality in sports broadcasting about refugee sport development initiatives. 

For our volunteer team this very last subject was a matter of heart since we are working together with refugees everyday and felt like facing the question where their share in this whole thing might be since especially from Germany we know about numerous sports teams supporting people that fled their countries. 

Additionally, we finished almost two weeks of covering and talking about this topic with an intercultural football match in the central park of Serres about which documentation can also be found on our Facebook Page.

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