World Radio Day "Radio is You!"

Happy Radio ListenerOver the years, we’ve covered themes such as Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Youth, and Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster.

Now it’s time to bring all these themes together for 2017 under the theme of public participation with the tagline “Radio is You!”

This year UNESCO focuses on encouraging radio stations around the world, whether you are a community, private, or public radio station, to have the tools to be the best radio stations you can be. And that means ensuring you are having continued dialogue with the industry, its audience and the public in general. We also want radio stations to have the conditions that create great programming – in addition to entertainment and information - we must find creative ways to promote freedom of expression and address the key issues of today in local communities and across the globe.

How can you participate?

Your radio station, organisation or institution can participate in a number of ways:


Join the hundreds of radio stations world wide celebrating an event on or around World Radio Day.

  • Sign up NOW for World Radio Day 2017 here.
  • Once you create your account, you will able to upload your station’s logo and be part of our map of activities. Your listeners and potential listeners or partners will see your pin on our webpage and can attend your event or listen in to your special World Radio Day programme.  All organisations that make an event will receive a UNESCO certificate of participation for their offices. Examples of events include:
    • Open Day – invite the public into your radio station and encourage them to participate in your programming ideas.
    • Radio Fair – Did you know that last year, the city of Bhubaneswar in India, organised a fair that brought together different radio stations, UNESCO partners and their local community?  A great way to encourage the theme that “Radio is You”.  The town is doing it again this year too. Be inspired by visiting
    • Radio Forum - with the public, government, UNESCO or industry representatives.  Do a radio health check up in your community (for example, are you engaging with your audience effectively, do you have policies in place to promote freedom of expression, diversity of voices and access to information?). Record it and broadcast on World Radio Day.


Not sure you have the capacity to organise an event? Your radio station or organisation can still be part of World Radio Day:

  • Sign up to World Radio Day here.
  • Download the World Radio Day badge and put it on your webpage.
  • Announce to your listeners and partners that it’s World Radio Day on 13 February 2017.
  • Broadcast the World Radio Day pre-made jingle or make your own. 
  • Fit World Radio Day into your existing programming through interviews, music or talk-back.



Really explore our World Radio Day Website and the resources we have to share with radio stations and organisations including the UNESCO Radio “Health Checkup” for ensuring you have full public participation.Our website features the latest industry-secrets and know-how guides on how best to have full audience participation for your station or organisation. You’ll need an internal meeting about one ore more of the following. Send us your new or updated policies in order to receive a UNESCO World Radio Day participation certificate. Find out how by visiting our Radio Station Health Checkup challenge.