Rozana FM - Syrian Radio Station and their unique ideas for listening to their audience

Lina Chawaf - Photo courtesy of Radio Rozana
Lina Chawaf Photo: Radio Rozana

One of the important themes for this year's World Radio Day is ensuring radio stations listen to their listeners - not just during talkback radio sessions, but actually asking them what they want to hear on air and including them in policy and planning.

UNESCO spoke with Lina Chawaf, Editor-in-Chief of Rozana FM, a radio station for Syrians and the Syrian diaspora. Radio Rozana uses a unique system for listening to their audience, spread over vast distances and within a country that is suffering from internal conflict, and where the radio station faces severe challenges in obtaining reliable information.  

Listen to the interview here, and discover how apps like WhatsApp are driving the editorial content of Radio Rozana.

Radio stations can download and broadcast this interview on or around World Radio Day 2017