Danny Lawrence, king of Community Radio, talks to UNESCO for World Radio Day

dannyThis is a an interview about community radio and strengthening community radio networks.

Danny Lawrence joins Alison Meston from UNESCO to talk about his career and ideas for Community Radio.

Danny started out in radio aged 11 whilst working at a hospital radio before moving into commercial radio when he left school. UNESCO is keen to share this interview with community radio station networks, as Danny shares his stories on how he has helped strengthen community radio stations through creating strong networks. 

He now runs an accredited media courses for community radio stations in the UK and has helped radios connect with their audiences, including with children with special needs.

His Gateway978FM radio station, which is truly accessible to the public as it's based in a shopping centre, won the Prime Minister's Big society award in 2011 and the Queen's award for voluntary service in 2012.


Listen to the interview here. You can download it and broadcast on Word Radio Day.