World Radio Day Observation in Bangladesh

Dhaka Bangladesh

6th World Radio Day Observation at Community Radio Stations in Bangladesh 

6th  World Radio Day 2017 is going to be observed in local and national level in Bangladesh on 13 February 2017. In the mean while, all radio station like Public Service Broadcasting, Private Broadcasting and Community Broadcasting are preparing them for celebrating the day 6th time in Bangladesh under the leadership of World Radio Day Observation National Committee 2017. 

In this occasion World Radio day Observation National Committee 2017 will arrange a Colorful Rally, Seminar, Cultural Program and Antic Radio Set Exhibition at national level. Representative from media, practitioners, civil society members, administration and delegates from different level of the society will be invited in the event. Besides, 12 Bangladesh Betar (Radio) regional stations and 17 Community Radio stations in outside Dhaka decided to organize colourful rally and seminar on the occasion. Colorful Rally

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) has started advocacy process on observing the world radio day in Bangladesh on 13 February in collaboration with public service Broadcasting, Commercial broadcasting & Community Broadcasting at local and national level. As a result World Radio Day Observation National Committee was formed to observe the day locally & nationally by Ministry of Information, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.