World radio day celebrations 13/2/2017

All ERT Radio stations, all day long, will join the celebration of the World Radio Day 2017.

All ERT Radio stations, all day long:


 Project titled "Your radio" (adaptation of the “My Radio” project): dozens of famous and anonymous listeners share personal stories and experiences associated with the Radio, spanning several decades.



Per radio station:


Proto programma (First Radio Program)


  • Presentation of rare audio files from personalities that marked recent history (09.00-12.00 EET).
  • “Off to the future!” Program about the Radio as a medium of communication in education, presenting children- radio producers aged 5 to 13, that participate to the European School Radio program (18:00-20:00 EET)
  • Open dialogue about the future of Radio (starting 19.00 EET)



Deftero Programma (Second Radio Program)


  • Listeners get to select the songs for the morning zone (08:00-09:00 EET).
  • Program exploring the meaning of the World Radio Day: Why is Radio the only medium not getting obsolete? (09.00-10.00 EET).
  • Program about Antigone Metaxa, a well known and beloved Greek radio personality, , (12.00-13.00 EET).
  • Joint program with Kosmos Radio from the Museum of Cycladic Art (13.00-14.00 EET).
  • A special program hosted by the Greek well known musician  Stamatis Kraounakis (singer, songwriter, composer), with public attending (18:00-20:00)
  • Several programs exploring the influence of Radio from different points of view (14.00-24.00)



Trito Programma (Third Radio Program)


  • The programs of the day are either dedicated to the “My Radio” concept, or explore  the relation between Radio and listener with guests such as academics, communications professionals, journalists, radio professionals and artists.




7-hour live broadcast from the world famous Museum of Cycladic Art, offering the listeners that visit the museum special tours to its exhibitions.