Rwanda joins the rest of the world to Celebrate 2017 WRD

Did you know that Rwanda Will be celebrating the Word Radio Day for the first time?

Rwanda will join the rest of the world to mark and celebrate this day in close collaboration with radio stations in Rwanda (Public, commercial, religious and community radios) and all other media stakeholders.  Participants include  journalists and their networks, line ministries and other government institutions and line Ministries, development and humanitarian partners, CSOs, the Academia from journalism training institutions and the general public at large. They will also be joined by participants from Kenya and Uganda to share experiences. Some of the proposed activities to be carried out include the following activities:

  1. Production of Radio Jingle for awareness of the day: for ensuring public awareness of this day and the use of the Freedom of Expression toolkit that has been translated into Kinyarwanda, a jingle will be produced and run on local private and community radio network. This jingle will give information on the day, activities and venue of the celebration. 
  2. Press Conference and a press release:  A press conference will be held three days before the event to raise awareness for the day. This will highlight the importance of radio using the UNESCO Freedom of Expression Toolkit that has been translated in Kinyarwanda to increase citizen’s participation in Radio
  3. Half day Interactive sessions on this year’s theme (Conference): Invited guests from Rwanda Media Commission, Rwanda Media High Council, Association of Rwanda Journalists, Rwanda Governance Board, the Rwanda UNESCO National Commission will participate. A panel discussion will be held under the theme the “Role of the Radio in promoting public participation, challenges and opportunities” Reference will be made on the  use of UNESCO Freedom of Expression tool kit that has been translated Kinyarwanda to increase public participation in radio
  4. The role of Radio in promoting Culture and Diversity: panel discussion will be held during the evening cocktail to celebrate the day. The discussion will be focusing on radio as an enabler and driver of the diversity of cultural expressions, ensuring that diverse cultural expressions are accessible to all.
  5. To raise the visibility, T-shirts bearing this year’s theme and organising bodies will be produced and worn by the guests at the celebrations.
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