Radio is You: Speak up!

Nerissa Pearson
How many times have you yelled at the Radio and say... "What do you know about that?" ..."OOOhhh that's why I can never put on a CD, keep playing my favourite music..." ...."Hahahaha I could've answered that question, I know that answer?" .... or best yet... "Why I'm not getting through I want to talk about the topic too"...

We've all been there but this WRD it's going to change!

On a special edition of Let's Gyaff on the Voice of Guyana, Nerissa Pearson will be in-studio talking calls and posts from Facebook Live, about Radio. Radio has and continues to be the scope of information, entertainment, education and general companionship especially in Guyana with vast rainforests, far reaching savannahs, and diverse people but it is not always practical to hear from the listeners. This World Radio Day, however, Nerissa will be engaging the listeners to share their love of radio, their disappointments and even hopes for radio, but most of all why they still love Radio in a world that is ever changing especially with technology. The interaction will be fast-paced but definitely interactive. 


Join Nerissa Pearson, as she encourages you to Speak Up, this World Radio Day

  • Caribbean Broadcasters Union