Radio episode and launch the findings of online survey on the theme Radio Is You!

NET-MED Youth in partnership with Radio 24 FM in Palestine celebrates World Radio Day!

VOX Pops
A VOX Pops will be collected, edited, produced, and broadcasted by radio stations in Gaza and West Bank. Targeting a sample of 20 - 30 university students and young people who should express to what extend they see radio programs reflecting their own issues and concerns, and how much they feel included in the different radio programs. VOX Pops will be broadcasted along the period of 8 days (5th to 12th February 2017)

Radio Session\Episode
Produce and broadcast for one-hour radio session on how youth can better use the radio to advocate and promote for their own issues with UNESCO participation. The theme of the session will be (Radio is Youth) on Feb 13th at 12:00

Online Survey
In partnership with Radio 24 FM, online survey will be developed (via online programs of creation a survey such as Google Drive or survey monkey) on the coverage of youth issues in the Palestinian radios – again to what extent the local radios reflect youth concerns and issues? how much young people listen to radio programs? What kind of radio programs attracts young people …etc. 
The online survey to be launched\published on 1st February, closing date to get input on 10th February. Two days for analyzing the results presenting the findings and outcomes on the World Radio Day on Feb 13th in the same Radio session mentioned above.

  • Spanish Radio Academy