ORANGE 94.0 World Radio Day Special

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ORANGE 94.0 is Vienna's only community radio station. 500 volunteer radio programmers design the content all on their own - 24/7. This also makes us the radio station with the most journalists, opinions, languages, and music in Vienna.

Our World Radio Day programme starts at 7 AM and features special issues of Mitten im Leben, Stadtradio Orange, Monikas musikalische Reise, Radiobande and many others! This year's highlight is a report on Bhaktapur FM, a community station in Nepal.

Tune in into Radio Augustin at 3 PM (CET)!

Mobile Reporting Workshop Group of Participants

Founded in 1998, ORANGE 94.0 is the only community radio in Vienna and the largest in the German-speaking countries. Politically independent and non-commercial, ORANGE 94.0 engages over 500 reporters, mostly volunteers, and it broadcasts more than 150 programmes in 25 languages. Innovative and creative in the way it addresses diverse topics, including the promotion of non-commercial musical genres, the broadcaster is also at the forefront of cross-media education and training.

ORANGE 94.0 believes in equal opportunities and actively opposes all forms of discrimination and exclusion. Following these principles, the radio station attaches importance to the transparent allocation of programme slots and fair distribution of its resources. In addition to its airtime, infrastructure and technical support, the community broadcaster provides affordable vocational training. The objective is to empower social activists to raise awareness and foster debates on an array of social issues, as well as promote a permanent reflection on the role of media in the contemporary society.