Open doors at the "Uzbekistan" radiostation

"Uzbekistan" radiostation opens doors for professionals and students from the journalism faculties.

UNESCO jointly with the National Television and Radio Company, in particular with the "Uzbekistan" televesion and radio channel celebrates the World Radio Day and organizes the following events:

1. "Open Doors"-this event will bring together professionals, in-service and pre-service journalists as well as community representatives to discuss the ways to improve Radio programmes and plans with the aim to evoke better communication and serve as a mediator between the society and the government.

2. Live radio programme "The Theme of the Day" will gather decision making bodies from the Ministry of Higher Education and other relevant bodies as well as the civil society to discuss and make recommendations on the improvement of a higher education system in Uzbekistan. Online questions and answers will be organized.

3. Live radio programme "Virtual World" will invite radio professionals to talk about Radio and its role in the lives of people. the radio programme will listen to people and prepare vox-pops and collect interviews and air them. This will allow to analyse needs of people and ways to approach these needs through Radio.

  • UNESCO field office