My Radio

My Radio Project for the World Radio Day 2017

The project ‘My Radio’ presents short statements from many internationally and nationally known personalities from music, politics, sport, film and theatre, who praise the power, importance and role of radio in recordings by 16 broadcasters.

This project was initiated by the EBU in partnership with the other Sister Broadcasting Unions for celebrating on 13 February the World Radio Day 2017.  Broadcasters can use them to celebrate World Radio Day, or at any other time, to underline the importance of our medium. 

The project contains audio recordings in various languages, national and/or English.  Each recording has a written introduction presenting the personality and his/her statement in written form. 

Greetings from the EBU to all broadcasters and listeners around the world.


  • ABU-Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
  • ASBU-Arab States Broadcasting Union
  • Caribbean Broadcasters Union