Maltings Sound Vault radio project set to take to the air

Maltings Sound Vault
‘Maltings Sound Vault’ will seek to create a ‘radio space for all’ utilising the possibilities offered by podcasting technology, where volunteers can flex their creative muscles, the community can tell their stories, and everyone can get a platform for their artistic talents.

The Farnham Maltings (UK) is using the occasion of World Radio Day on Mon 13 February to announce that it is to launch its own radio project – and it wants the community to get involved. ‘Maltings Sound Vault’ will take to the air in the next year, and will seek to create a ‘radio space for all’, where volunteers can flex their creative muscles, the community can tell their stories, and everyone can get a platform for their artistic talents.

Maltings Sound Vault’ will utilise the possibilities offered by podcasting technology to give a wider range of people the chance to make programmes, and share them with a bigger audience. The project is being spearheaded by a former head of PR for BBC Radio 1, Paul Simpson.

“World Radio Day – this year on Mon 13 February - was established by the United Nations to celebrate radio as a medium, and to encourage us all to use it to promote freedom of expression. Radio is the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world, and is a powerful storytelling tool. It is only right that the Farnham Maltings use World Radio Day to reveal our exciting plans,” explains Gavin Stride, Director, Farnham Maltings.

Initial programming plans centre around four themes:-

  • -  Voice: personal story-telling; oral history; and voices from the street;

  • -  Audio Collage: sound creations, where music meets speech;

  • -  Specialist Music: exploring music genres missing a platform elsewhere;

  • -  Maltings + : an audio dimension to the Farnham Maltings’ own programme.

    The online radio platform will be accompanied by a website, and social media dedicated to celebrating listening more generally around the world.

    ‘Maltings Sound Vault’ is now putting out a call for volunteers who are interested in getting involved in the project – whether in the shape of production, technology, digital, legal, music or oral history/digital heritage expertise. People interested in becoming involved with the project can find out more details at Farnham Maltings’ refreshers, festival of retirement on Mon 27 February where the project leader, Paul Simpson, will be running a stand.

    Once a volunteer team has been recruited, the plan is to reach out to source programme content from the community, using a studio at the Farnham Maltings, portable digital recording equipment, and ‘pop-up’ recording booths.

The project, while centred on the Farnham Maltings, and surrounding communities on the Surrey/Hampshire border, will ensure that its horizons are global as well as local. Updates about its development will follow in the coming months. It is expected to launch in time for World Radio Day 2018. Stay tuned!

Notes to Editors:

  •  Anyone interested in being part of the project should contact Paul Simpson on

  •  Updates about the project will be posted at

  •  Paul Simpson lives locally in Yateley, and was born in Farnham. As well as working for BBC Radio 1, in radio he has worked for Kiss FM, and broadcasters Mark Goodier and Nicky Campbell.

  • More details about UNESCO World Radio Day (13th February):

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