Lube Samson Mukando AKA UNcle Sam, on "The Connexion" for World Radio Day

Flava FM, is a radio station based in Kitwe, the largest city on the Copperbelt of Zambia, broadcasting an eclectic mix of local and international hits, supported by local & international news, current affairs & stories of relevance to our communities whether of an entertainment, sporting, cultural, educational content and more.

Flava FM runs a 24hrs broadcasting service, but mainly for the 20hr period from 06 - 02 local time with 4hr DJ slots airing throughout the day.

My show, "The Connexion" will be on from 10 - 14hrs.

Flava FM is very media savvy with the following links, our website is on "" which also has a radio link, Facebook thru "flavafm" Twitter thru "@flavafm87dot7" and Instagram thru "flavafm877