Lecture-discussion about radio and propaganda

Radio and propaganda

The Secretariat of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO in partnership with the Department of Strategic Communication under the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania will celebrate World Radio Day on 14 February, 5.30 pm by organizing a lecture-discussion covering the topics of „Propaganda and hostile information operations in Lithunia“ and „History as a tool for information warfare. Possible falsification consequences for statehood“. The analyst of the Department of Strategic Communication, Mrs. Auksė Ūsienė will present new generation military challenges, targets and goals of hostile information operations in Lithuania, analize examples of propaganda channels, means, types and techniques, and will present threats to the state imposed by information warfare and propaganda. Also, she will discuss some reasons for the loss of statehood in 1795 and 1940, and history as a weapon in the circumstances of information warfare and geopolitical targets. Significance of history, critical thinking and citizenship in the state defence.

  • UNESCO National Commission