JFI Radio 'LIVE' Marathon Learning Broadcast

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On World Radio Day, JFI Radio will be broadcasting 'LIVE' every 2 hours starting bright and early at 0500h (UK time) especially for our listeners in Asia and the Middle East and all throughout the day right up until 2100h to catch our European,UK, African and US-based listeners. Catch all the broadcasts during the 15-hour marathon at http://jfiradio.com

JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ is a privately-owned live-streamed online digital radio show bringing news, inspirational interviews, discussions and practical advice about real world advancements in training, corporate learning and continuous quality improvement.  It is produced by Józefa Fawcett, a double award-winning learning specialist with many years' experience of working in the fields of training and learning and organisational development, appearing in 34 countries across four continents ~ so far!

Membership to the radio show is FREE and you can interact with us during the 'LIVE' broadcasts content on our social media channel via our Facebook page and view our Livestreams from events around the world here's the link http://facebook.com/jfiradio/

On the website page we have four seasons of podcasts already, which make up a valuable on-demand resource that you can to refer to throughout the year. We're also on iTunes so you can listen to the shows 'on the go'

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