Celebration of World Radio Day in Istanbul, Turkey

Celebration of the World Radio Day in Istanbul

In 6 May 1927, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation made its first broadcast in Istanbul. Thus, the Radio Day in Turkey is celebrated on May 6 each year. However, since the proclamation of the World Radio Day during the 36th General Conference of UNESCO, Turkey has been participating through a variety of events on the February 13 each year.

This year the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO in collaboration with the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation has organized a special radio program concerning the World Radio Day. The President of the Communication Committee Prof. Deniz Bayrakdar has coordinated the entirety of the program by bringing together many stakeholders such as academicians, bureaucrats and university students have taken part during the 2-hour long radio program. The Minister of Culture and Tourism Prof. Nabi AVCI and the President of the Turkish National Commission Prof. Öcal OĞUZ were also among the participants.

The students of Ankara University, Kadir Has University, Uşak University and TOBB University have participated to the radio program by preparing dedicated video clips celebrating the World Radi Day. Furthermore, several students had the opportunity to participate to the radio program and voice their perspective on radio. 

A variety of topics such as the strength of radio, opportunity to express yourself, impact of the radio on our everyday life and gender equality has been discussed during the radio program.

  • UNESCO National Commission