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Why is it so tough to be honest with each other about the pain and anger of a past that still divides us? Catch Consciousness Café in action live on air on World Radio Day, while they tackle the difficult topics that South Africans still struggle to talk about.

Keke Motseke, Claire Bell and Anisha Panchia are facilitators and co-founders of Consciousness Café. For over two years, these three women has been bringing South Africans together in community centres, universities, museums, galleries and book shops across the nation, creating a space for South Africa to talk about racism, injustice and all the legacies of apartheid, that keep the nation still divided. Consciousness Café uses a form of dialogue created by the South Africa NGO, NNI Ignite - a process that encourages people to get uncomfortable together. 

Join Consciousness Café on World Radio Day for their first live, on-air dialogue during drive time (3-6pm) on the un-censored, digital radio station,

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