92.7 BIG FM SRINAGAR World Radio Day Broadcast

92.7 BIG FM INDIA - one of the leading FM channels of India!



92.7 BIG FM is the only private Radio station in Kashmir. Being the part of India’s biggest Radio network  92.7 BIG FM has emerged as Voice of People thus transformed our society in many ways.

Our Morning show takes up humanitarian issues that are usually ignored and are not being addressed in the region. The authorities keenly listen to our shows to know about these issues and then work for their solution. These issues then get addressed by local government. We design campaigns on these issues and help our society to transform for betterment .

Apart from that, we are mainly the entertainment hub of valley which entertains people. We generate ideas and organize events at mega level. The first ever international marathon of Kashmir, was our idea and organized for the first time in the valley, in which more than 50,000 people participated. Its aim was to imbibe the idea of change in the mindset of people and thus transform our society with one slogan (I’M THE CHANGE).

From last ten years we have emerged as the VOICE of people and celebrated the spirit of  Radio everyday.

We are most trusted medium in the valley. The locals walk up to us with all their grievances. The issues can vary from being a water issue to something really big , but no matter what the issue is, we put them across to the authorities. What rewards us is the expression on people’s faces at the end of the day when their problems get addressed .

For us Word Radio Day is our day. Its the day of passion and celebration for us when we celebrate power of Radio and share stories of people whose lives are transformed by radio . We listen to voices of listeners because Radio is You. 

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