Radio Talk through Insta-LIVE & Social Media

Connect Listener to Announcer through social media

The current digital world began to be found in life to facilitate our activity. In broadcasting also started to use a lot of these digital platforms to be closer to audience. Indeed digital engagement can not be separated

in addition to the listener could hear the announcer on the radio, through social media they can see visually and announcers life pop up in the timeline. In the world radio day, we woukd like to celebrate with young people to interact in INSTA live with their favorite broadcasters with a discussion on the radio.They could hear and watch the broadcaster on the air and chat with us. The listeners are allowed to ask anything related to radio & announcing experience. The Announcer that we asked to join INSTA Live is Aldy & Dery from HITZ FM Jakarta. Both are famous prime time announcer in this radio. It will be so interesting especially to youth because they could interact about radio and anything they want to know about announcing skill or announcer life, such as, how to deliver the message to listeners, how to entertain them with good info & great music.

Other activity during the celebration, we also have challenge to youth that they could upload their videos in Instagram and tell us who broadcasters that inspire them, the winner elected will be the chance that have a time to lunch or hang out with their announcer, so the interaction is more bonding, because it’s a face to face activity.



  • Education Sector