World Radio Day Tweet Chat

In some of the most remote areas of the world, where physical access can be difficult, radio reaches people of all ages, spreading information and messaging that can change lives. In urban areas, where television or internet access may be expensive or unavailable, people crowd around radios, listening to and discussing shows they tune into weekly or daily. Increasingly, people all around the world use their mobiles to engage with radio programs, interacting with their favorite shows and radio personalities.


How to be involved

Starting at 10am ET (3pm UTC) and running for an hour, CCP’s Twitter account, @JohnsHopkinsCCP, will post six discussion questions, using the #WRDChat hashtag. These questions - and people’s replies and answers to them - will kick off a live, real-time conversation open to any Twitter account. All questions, replies, and discussion should use the hashtag #WRDChat, so that others can follow along and participate.

To join in and have your voices heard on February 13th, at 10am ET (3pm UTC) - follow @JohnsHopkinsCCP and make sure your tweets include the #WRDChat hashtag. Answer questions, reply with your thoughts or experiences, or share links you think others might find helpful. Most importantly, connect with people around the world and contribute your thoughts and opinions.

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