Here you will find free resources to download and share on or around World Radio Day, 13 Feburary 2016.  

    Social Media Profile Pictures, Cover Photos and Banners



    Here you will find the official social media images for World Radio Day 2016. Feel free to use these on your social media channels.  

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    Download World Radio Day logos and banners for your webpage

    Download official logos and banners for World Radio Day 2016. Feel free to use these on your website and link to the website. 

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    To obtain vector versions of the World Radio Day logo, please email:



    Hate Speech Infographic

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    How can journalists determine what is hate speech? In a world plagued by censorship, press freedom violations and propaganda it is difficult for reporters to judge what type of rhetoric is acceptable and what is intolerable. Currently there is no accepted international definition of hate speech and the levels of tolerance vary dramatically from country to country.

    Click here for more information on hate speech and the Hate Speech 5 Point Test.

    Download Interviews to broadcast on World Radio Day

    UNESCO has gathered some excellent interviews on Radio in Times of Emergeny and Disaster to download copyright free from our SoundCloud account.

    See our Latest News page for all the latest interviews, or visit our SoundCloud interview section.  


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    BBC Media Action Resource: Communication with Crisis-Affected People

    Lifeline programming is special media programming for communities affected by humanitarian crises. UNESCO World Radio Day 2016 partner, BBC Media Action, has provided this useful working paper on information and advice on helping local media and aid providers to communicate with communities. You can also take the online Lifeline training course if you work in media.

    Photo Booth Kit

    Download UNESCO's World Radio Day 2016 Photo booth kit here.  Use it to post photos to Instagram on Saturday 13 February 2016 or use it if your favourite radio station is running the UNESCO emergency blackout song contest on World Radio Day.

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    World Radio Day Jingle!

    Use the World Radio Day jingle, or create your own, to advertise that the next segment on your radio station is about World Radio Day.  You can use World Radio Day free content during the week leading up to World Radio Day to create a picture of the importance of Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster.  Click here or on the radio to download!.


    World Radio Day 2016 Social Media Posters

    World Radio Day is only 3 days away! Upload these social media posters on to your social media, one poster per day leading up to World Radio Day! If you require a vector version, please contact

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    Fantastic resource from World Radio Day partners, ITU.


    When disaster strikes, communication links are often disrupted; yet for disaster relief workers, these links are essential in order to answer critical questions as to how many people have been injured or died, where the injured are located and the extent of the medical help needed. To put it simply, in disaster and emergency situations, telecommunications can save lives. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has put the subjects of disaster prevention, preparedness and relief high on its agenda in an effort to promote and offer technical assistance to developing countries in the field of telecommunications, and also to promote the mobilization of the material, human and financial resources needed for its implementation, as well as access to information.