UNESCO World Radio Day Celebrations from around the globe!

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 15:40

UNESCO is celebrating World Radio Day 2016.  This year we had more than 379 activities, with every continent represented!  Below are some of the highlights.  If you want your activities included in the highlights, click here.

blue celebration   UNESCO Brazil

   More than 400 radio stations participated in World Radio Day in Brazil, with close to 60 newspapers reporting World Radio Day activities.  The UNESCO office has made a digital report, including press clippings, articles and social media that you can explore here. 


UNESCO Namibia

UNESCO celebrated World Radio day with a grand ceremony including dancing, singing and speeches from Namibia's Deputy Prime Minister, UNESCO and UN representatives. See the photos and video here.


UNESCO Liaison office Brussels

On the occasion of World Radio Day, the UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels organized an    exclusive radio debate at the European Parliament to draw people’s attention on the unique role  radio plays to provide access to information, freedom of expression and inter-cultural dialogue  over the airwaves.  Find out about it here. 

UNESCO West Africa. 

Check out some of these engaging interviews for World Radio Day. You can download them and share them with your networks.






UNESCO Indonesia

UNESCO's Ming Kuok Lim took to the airwaves on Radio Republik.  You can see him in action here.


UNESCO Club Brindisi



Antonio Celeste - Fabio Aiello - Mimmo Saponaro - Mino Molfetta

Posted by Club Unesco Brindisi on Tuesday, 16 February 2016


See the celebrations from Toscana, where a panel of experts met to discuss Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster.  Click here.


Club UNESCO Matera


UNESCO Senegal

On the occasion of World Radio day (2016), celebrated under the theme “Radio in times of emergency and disasters”, the UNESCO Regional Office in Dakar, in partnership with stakeholders in the field, developed advocacy initiatives in the countries of its mandate and collaborated with community radios in the Western Sahel to underline the importance of radio as a tool of education and awareness of vulnerable populations facing disasters and other major emergencies.  Click here to find out more.

United Kingdom's UNESCO National Commission

From Northern Ireland in the UK, a radio broadcast ‘Music: transforming our world through division and unity’ explored how communities that have been torn apart, have been brought together by music. The broadcast was provided by Beyond Skin; an organisation based in Northern Ireland using music, arts and media as a tool for diversity and global education. The School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London hosted a Trade Fair & Panel Discussion on 15 February to celebrate World Radio Day. The expert panel looked at some of the latest research into innovative uses of radio in peacekeeping. Find out more by clicking here.

Lithuania's UNESCO National Commission

Lithuania held a panel discussion on Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster.