Protect your listeners from Zika virus with WHO

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 19:22

The World Health Organisation, familiar with the crucial role of radio in stemming epidemics, decided to use World Radio Day as a platform to spread useful information about Zika virus to radio networks around the world. Below you will find resources you can use to broadcast WHO messages about Zika virus in your radio station and make sure your listeners are informed on symptoms and preventive measures - especially in regions of the world affected by the virus.


  • What is Zika virus?

To fight the virus we first need to understand it. Watch this educational video below produced by the WHO that teaches everything you need to know about Zika, including symptoms and preventive measures.



If you wish to know more, you can also have a look at the WHO factsheet about Zika virus here.


  • What is microcephaly

Are Zika and microcephaly linked? Watch the interview of Dr Anthony Costello, Director of WHO's Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health, providing expert advices regarding Zika virus and maternal care.



Make sure to consult the microcephaly factsheet on the WHO website to learn how you can protect youself and your baby as a pregnant woman.


Useful links fom WHO

Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases Department webpage

Zika emergency webpage