Interview with Refugee Radio Network DJ and conflict survivor, Larry McCauley

Photo of Refugee Radio Network
Wed, 02/17/2016 - 18:09

Refugee Radio Network is an independent social Initiative lead by self-organized refugees who are committed to human rights.  This unique radio station believes in connecting people and cultures through powerful stories on the radio that will affect positive change in the community.  RRN is an online community radio program and is designed in Hamburg. It is primarily aimed at refugees in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 


UNESCO’s Alison Meston joins RRN’s Larry McCauley for an interview about his journey and his unique radio network.  Listeners can hear the radio DJ’s life story of fleeing Nigeria to Libya after conflicts between groups, then having to flee his new Libyan home again during the 2011 conflict.  Larry took the perilous journey across the sea to arrive in Italy, where he eventually made a new home in Hamburg, Germany, and founded the Refugee Radio Network, to give other refugees a voice.


This interview covers two main sub-themes from World Radio Day 2016:

  • Theme 1: Responding to emergencies is easier and more transparent when there is freedom of  expression and journalists can do their work while remaining safe. 
  • Theme 2: Radio helps to provide dignity to survivors and vulnerable people, including in refugee camps.


UNESCO encourages you to download this interview and broadcast it on or around World Radio Day, 13 February 2016: