15 Ideas for World Radio Day!

This World Radio Day, 13 February 2016, UNESCO is keen to hear from you! Whether you're having an event or just a special programme on the day, make sure you let us know.  We have developed 15 ideas to help you celebrate World Radio Day. From human-made conflicts resulting in large populations of people seeking asylum, to increasing and more severe climate change related emergencies, it is important that UNESCO highlights the impact of Radio in times of emergency and disaster.


There are FIVE Key Themes and FIFTEEN Ideas to help bring World Radio Day to life on and around 13 February 2016. The themes are:

  1. Freedom of expression and journalists’ safety should be disaster-proof.
  2. Radio empowers survivors and vulnerable people, being mindful of their right to privacy.
  3. Radio has social impact and provides access to information. People’s right to information should be protected.
  4. Radio saves lives. 
  5. The immediate accessibility of radio frequencies is essential to saving lives. These frequencies should be protected in times of emergency.


See below our 15 ideas that radio stations, humanitarian and non-government organisations and individuals can do for World Radio Day 2016!