Radio Favela, a movie that portrays youth engagement in radio production

Young people have dreams, they have new ideas, and they sometimes just need a space to discuss issues affecting their lives. To illustrate how radio can empower youth to fight for a better future, the Brazilian movie Radio Favela (2002) was screened during World Radio Day’s event at UNESCO’s headquarters on 13 February (Salle Miró III, 13h, 92 minutes, original version in Portuguese, subtitled in French).

The movie, based on a true story, shows the daily life and struggle of four friends, living in a slum in the city of Belo Horizonte, who decide to start a radio station to give voice to the inhabitants of the favelas.

Young people should be involved in radio not only as listeners. They should be part of it as team members and producers, and Radio Favela perfectly captures the potential positive effects on local communities when this happens, being able to take the microphone and send their messages out over the airwaves.

Radio Favela: la liberté se propage par les ondes, directed by Helvécio Ratton, produced by Quimera Filmes


View the trailer for Radio Favela on Daily Motion.

Image: © Quimera Produções